It’s not just about smelling amazing gentlemen, it's about discovering YOUR unique scent.

Studded Crystal Glass Candle




This shimmering 10oz candle in a beautifully gift-able box is from Happy Rebel favorite, D.L. & Co. Choose the studded crystal glass container in the color of your choice, each with it's own unique scent. Black | Mountain Cedar and Birchwood - Smoky birch, vetiver and oak blend with pure cedar, white elm, balsamic amber and earthy moss. Green | Citron Leaf and Rosemary - Dazzling honeydew nectar and ripe cantaloupe swirl with crisp citron leaf, soft basil and a hint of sun-warmed rosemary. Orange | Golden Hibiscus and Sunflower - Notes of pure hibiscus shimmer with sparkling sunflowers sweetened with sugared citrus and a splash of golden pineapple. Grey | Sea Salt and Ginger - Ginger root dazzles with the cool, ozonic freshness of sea salt. Raspberry | Pink Grapefruit and Sage - Glittering grapefruit zest infused with aromatic hints of luminous sage, crushed ginger essence and sweet peppermint balm.